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RE: xc/config/cf/cygwin.rules - ComplexProgramTarget_1


> +#ifdef CrossCompiling
>  #define ProgramTargetName(target) Concat(target,.exe)
> +#endif

CrossCompiling is a YES or NO flag, not a defined or undefined flag.  Of
course, it may be undefined when not CrossCompiling, achieving the desired
affect, but we should try to keep things correct.

> So things like, xc/config/util wants to make xmkmf.exe instead of
> xmkmf, and
> xc/programs/xinit wants to build xinit.exe.exe.

I don't understand why the problem has cropped up just now.  However, in
keeping with the spirit of the comment that I wrote for
it would make sense to wrap the local definition of ProgramTargetName() in
cygwin.rules with #if CrossCompiling.

I propose the following patch, if it works for you, please commit it.


Index: cygwin.rules
RCS file: /X11R6/x-cvs/xc/config/cf/cygwin.rules,v
retrieving revision 3.13
diff -u -r3.13 cygwin.rules
--- cygwin.rules	2001/08/18 17:25:48	3.13
+++ cygwin.rules	2001/08/25 00:05:37
@@ -201,7 +201,9 @@
  * be found.

+#if CrossCompiling
 #define ProgramTargetName(target) Concat(target,.exe)

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