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RE: Setting a Norwegian keyboard on cygwin-xfree86

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Bang, Steinar wrote:

> > you can export the modmap used on you linux box
> > with the command "xmodmap -pke".
> Ah, OK.
> > You may also experiment with xkb (setxkbmap no)
> Thanx for the tip.  It gives the following output
> the first time it's run (no output on subsequent
> runs):
> 	Couldn't interpret _XKB_RULES_NAMES property
> 	Use defaults: rules - 'xfree86' model - 'pc101' layout - 'us'

Some installations just printed the "couldn't interpert ... " message 
and did nothing.

> But it actually seems to work in spite of 
> this message.  I've put this command at the end of 
> startxwin.bat, which seems to be working (I can't 
> get characters like  and  in cygwin bash in a
> cygwin xterm, but I get them in a linux bash in

This has something to do with 8bit charachters. Please check the cygwin
faq (not cygwin/xfree). There is a section for this problem.

> the same xterm when I do an ssh to a linux box.
> Characters like - and ' and *, are in on keys with
> matching labels).  Thanx! :-)
> > but since no regular needed this feature it is not 
> > tested very well. 
> I'm just curious: why is this? Why prefer an xmodmap 
> solution?

We modified the server to accept the same keycodes as a linux server did.
The xkb solution was a bit buggy and crashed the server, so we just took
the modmaps from linux, and now it works :) I never again had the time to 
verify why sometimes xmodmap works and sometimes not.
Another point is that xkb needs the xkb files installed on the server, but
since I only use XWin as xdm-terminal, I don't want to spoil too much 

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