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Re: Cygwin-Xfree for XDM clients

Yes, I have done it.  It is not in a distribution, but really all you need is
the following :

- XWin.exe
- Fonts
- a place for /tmp to be mounted to... if run off of a read-only system, like
- cygwin1.dll
- cygz.dll
- Window Mangager twm, fvwm2, etc (not for XDM I guess)
- X Dlls libX11.dll libXext.dll libXmuu.dll libXpm.dll... actually, you might
not even need these for XDM... you need them if you include a WM, like fvwm2 or
- You might add rgb.txt
- I added bash, and ran X with a bash script, instead of DOS batch script, and
then sent made a bash script : bash startx.bsh
- I added some tools for the users... xsetroot, xwininfo, xdpyinfo, xterm

It is really easy to do.  I put these things on a CD, and run from the CD...
The only problem with that is that there is no /tmp dir.  So, in my script, I
send %temp% (windows default temp space)as a command argument to the bash
script, and then use the mount.exe to mount /tmp to %temp%.  Without a writable
tmp space, XWin.exe will not start.

Good luck,

> Hi all.  Just joined the list.
> I was planning of putting together a cut down version of Cgywin-Xfree
> that would only have enough to connect to a XDM server (running on Linux
> for example).  Basically something to replace the shareware X-servers
> that exist already for Windows.  Longer term plan would be to create a
> nice GUI interface and installer.
> I would like to know if someone has already done this, as there would be
> no point in re-inventing the wheel.
> Cheers,
> Rasjid.

Brian Genisio

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