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_XIO: Fatal IO Error 108 (The descriptor is a file not a socket) on Xserver (yada...)

After some serious work, I finally have cygwin, XFree and GRASS running
under Windows 2000 from the latest binary distributions. Thanks for all the
great tips in the newsgroups.

So now I have this problem. I am running (I hope completely) the snapshot
from Aug 13th - cygwin, XFree 4.1.0 (the latest downloadable) and Grass 5.0
(latest beta) - all under Windows 2000, again the latest and greatest - I
can't find any more updates. Almost everything works, including the TCL menu

GRASS uses a command "d.mon" to open a graphical 'terminal' to display or
'monitor' changes in the GIS coverage. When I try to start the monitor, I
get this message "_XIO: Fatal IO Error 108 (The descriptor is a file not a
socket) on Xserver "

I saw something on the CYGWIN-XFREE list from Paul Gresham - a patched dll.
It's huge and didn't fix the problem. I know it's related to a Winsock 2.0
call according to information from Corinna Vinschen.

Does anyone have a true fix, or know where I can find one? Failing that -
who wants a tester? I am afraid my C/C++ is rusty and it's been a long time
since I even played in that world - but when it comes to Windows and
debugging things, I am no slouch.

Yes, I am running a firewall. No, it makes no difference if it is running or
not. I checked for duplicate cygwin1.dll's and have been tracking each one I
update, with no difference.

If there is a FAQ item that covers this, please point me to it. Thanks for
your help.

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