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kde 1.1.2 under win95


currently I have the chance to check kde 1.1.2 under win 95.

I have downloaded the xfree 4.1.0 archives on August 1 and tried to install it
with like described in the cygwin-xfree user guide.

On installation and later running I have found some problems:

1. Installing breaks with a
		syntax error in line 1246 near then
		if [ X"$VARDIST" != X ]; then
	Editing this file with vi and reentering a new line makes in working.
	After dowloading the newest the problem stays.

1. Starting xfree with startxwin95.bat opens for any started app like Xwin,
xterm and twm an additional dos box. Is it normal ?

4. Very slow performance
   - Starting xfree with startxwin9x.bat needs several minutes to get running
   - Doing a ls -l /bin with a full installed cygwin needs one minutes to show
all the files.
   - Starting kde needs about 5 minutes and at least kwm hangs.

5. XWin hangs
   Sometimes Xwin crashes.
   After some tries startxwin9x.bat hangs immediately.

6. Clicking on the server background shows no text (perhaps a font missing, I
have installed  only the basic font archive with

After the first tests I tried a xfree 4.0.3 release which I have used for with
kde 1.1.2 under Windows 2000/NT with the same results.

This problems seems undepended from the cygwin release, because I have tried
this under cygwin 1.1.8 and a patched cygwin 1.3.2 release (relating socket

My configuration is:
Pentium II 233 MHz
Riva TNT2 Graphiccard
Windows95 C Release

Has anyone some hints for this ?

Thank you for answering


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