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Re: Which parts of cygwin

On Sun, Aug 12, 2001 at 12:13:11PM +0200, Felix Daners wrote:
>Sorry, I don't want to argue. Again I looked through
> but still could not
>find this info. I am probably blind but I read the
>whole section 2. Installation and Troubleshooting. In addition I checked the
> site ...

As Suhaib has pointed out, I was referring to the cygwin FAQ, not the
cygwin-xfree FAQ.

>So, why don't you just send me the link of the FAQ you looked through
>or the good search terms for a google querrie?

The FAQ is the one referenced at the cygwin site: .

>You seem to be very familiar with this topic and angry about the same
>question arising a thousand times.

Not angry.  Not interested in wasting a lot of words on something that
should be pretty easy to find.

>(Which in fact means it is a important question in a way)

Hmm.  You should read the archives.

>I am not looking for the parts of the cygwin-xfree port to download which is
>explained well in the users guide. I am looking for the necessary parts
>of the cygwin software wich must be installed before cygwin-xfree.
>For example I don't need gcc or flex or bison ... to run the precomiled
>binaries of xfree.

Then, don't download them.  If you understand that much, you're on the way.
Why don't you just experiment with what you need.  Everybody's need is
different.  Do you need man pages?  No?  Then there's a bug chunk of disk
space that you don't have to worry about.

Anyway, I did not actually do the google search when I sent this email.  I
try to teach fishing rather than hand people old fish.

Since you asked, I typed in the terms "minimal cygwin".  I was actually
surprised to find out that there is a sourceforge project devoted to
this.  There is also a web site.  I don't know how up to date either is.
I'd stick with the email discussions.

It's a shame that people seek to start their own projects rather than
contributing to the core.  I really don't understand why someone would
start a separate project rather than contributing code to cygwin's
setup utility.  I can only assume that some people are into it for
their own self-aggrandizement.  We seem to have more of that in the
cygwin project than in other projects, for some reason.

>I really do not want to argue and I tried to find the Info myself and would
>be very happy if somebody would be so kind and give me a good hint!

If you want to narrow down the search term to only what is mentioned at, type "minimal cygwin".


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