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AW: Which parts of cygwin

Sorry, I don't want to argue. Again I looked through but still could not
find this info. I am probably blind but I read the
whole section 2. Installation and Troubleshooting. In addition I checked the site ...

So, why don't you just send me the link of the FAQ you looked through
or the good search terms for a google querrie? You seem
to be very familiar with this topic and angry about the same
question arising a thousand times. (Which in fact means it is a important
question in a way)

I am not looking for the parts of the cygwin-xfree port to download which is
explained well in the users guide. I am looking for the necessary parts
of the cygwin software wich must be installed before cygwin-xfree.

For example I don't need gcc or flex or bison ... to run the precomiled
binaries of xfree.

I really do not want to argue and I tried to find the Info myself and would
be very happy if somebody would be so kind and give me a good hint!


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Von: 'Christopher Faylor' []
Gesendet: Sonntag, 12. August 2001 03:23
An: Felix Daners
Betreff: Re: Which parts of cygwin

On Sat, Aug 11, 2001 at 09:05:16AM +0200, Felix Daners wrote:
>Thank you.
>Things change - the FAQ probably had this section.

The FAQ HAS a section.  I checked it before I sent his email.

>Now the uses guide only tells you to download all packages
>of cygwin unless you know exacly what you do...
>The google search did not unearth this topic.

Then you're definitely using the wrong search terms.  This has been
hashed and rehashed countless times.


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