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Club Dancers Now On-Line

KlubDJ...   DJ Agency - Record Label - Club Dancers - Message Board - Shop - and much more...

The all-new one of a kind web site version 2.0 is launched!!!

Club Dancers:
Need that something extra for your night, we can provide nightclub podium dancers to go with the DJ's, to add that extra special touch to your night...  Do you want to get on our books as a dancer your self??  NOW ONLINE visit the site to find out more!!!

DJ Agency: 
If you need to book a DJ for your event or need a resident. We have it all, from good top names, to the up coming talent. If your a DJ and think you can handle the pace then visit us now, we're on the look out for new talent, but hurry we are closing our book soon!!!

Record Label:
Just signed the massive new people in Dance DIGITAL SIN, with the signing of HAPPY TRIGGER (It's a track using samples from the show Trigger Happy (Absolutely Productions/CH4)) Watch out this is going to be massive!!! We are always on the hunt for new talent so send us your tracks and who knows where you could be this time in a few months.. Have you got what it takes???

Message Forum:
This is where you get your say! We have had our own fully interactive live message forum designed for absolutely anything to do with the industry! It's your room, you can chat, meet, and get loads of advise!

On-Line Shop:
Still under development but you have to keep coming and checking this out. We have some great things going live in this shop, your gonna love it who ever you are!!!

The latest in providing what you want, whatever aspect of the industry you are involved with.
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