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RE: CDE Hangs on login with Xfree


Well, I downloaded Solaris 8.0 for Intel and installed it on one of my
computers.  I created a new user and logged in via XDMCP.  So far,
everything has worked fine; Cygwin/XFree86 did not hang on login.  The User
Registration program worked fine and did not cause any crashes or hangs.  I
have clicked the Options menu in dtterm with no adverse effect.

> I don't really know who's bugs these are but they should not
> really cause a
> crash in Xfree, maybe some warnings but not a full on crash.

The answer to that question is simple: they are your bugs.  You are the only
one that has encountered them, so you own them.  I don't know that these are
bugs, rather, there is likely something else going on with your systems.
For example, you might have more than one copy of cygwin1.dll on your
system, you may have mixed and matched the Cygwin/XFree86 binaries, or you
may have a really strange Solaris configuration.  In any case, we can't help
you until you figure out what is going on.

Good luck,


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