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RE: Configuring UK keyboard and xterm in Cygwin/Xfree86

I am still sleepy, need more coffee

> >This is particularly annoying as it
> > appears that xterm is hardcoded as the terminal emulator in 
> > xfce. I could put a symbolic link to mxterm in my path, but 
> > could this cause any problems?
> No It will cause any problems.  

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  It will not cause any problems.  You can
create symbloc links if you want.

>But xterm is not hard coded 
> in source code. under var/xfce you will find various 
> configuration files which you can edit with vi.  Replace the 
> xterm with mxterm in one of those files. I do not remember 
> exact name of the file, and right now I do not have access to 
> a machine with Cygwin/XFree86
> > Also, the mxterm menus
> > (accessed with control-left/right/middle-click) don't behave 
> > very well - I need to release control for the left-click menu 
> > and release control then left-click (while holding down 
> > right-click) for the middle button menu. The right-button 
> > menu doesn't seem to work properly at all - 
> That is a bug in mxterm.  Author of mxterm advice not compile 
> with menu options.  I do not know if it had been fixed or 
> not.  The link to mxterm home page is:
> >I seem to be able
> > to toggle each font independently. Searching for mxterm on 
> > Google brings up a selection of links but no obvious central 
> > repository for mxterm code, so I'm not even sure 
> > _which_mxterm I have (I got it from 
> >
> /xfree/contrib
> /). I'm researching the mxterm quandry, but I'm happy to get 
> a working xterm anyhow.
> I don't have any experience of compiling for cygwin, but I'm 
> happy to give it a go if necessary.
> It pretty much compiles out-of-the-box.  Ungzip and untar the 
> mxterm archive in a temporary directory, cd to it and type 
> ./configure --prefix=/usr/X11R6 followed by make then make 
> install.  That was it.  You should have Cygwin/Xfree86 and 
> lates LessTif from 




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