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[Fwd: Re: Problem with Xfree, problem running the application]

I had a lot of problems getting startxwin.bat to work, too.  I'm running
Windows 98 and had to make lots of changes.  Here is what I did:

Line 8-10 was:
attrib -s \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0
del \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0
rmdir \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix

Changed to:
if not exist \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0 goto nofifo
attrib -s \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0
del \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix\X0
if exist \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix rmdir \cygwin\tmp\.X11-unix

I took out all the "REM"d commands to make it easier to read, although
they are good examples to keep around for postarity.

Line 24 was:
start XWin -screen 0 1024x768x32 -whitepixel 255 -blackpixel 0 \
-engine 4

Changed to:
start XWin -screen 0 1024 768 -depth 16 -engine 4 -emulate3buttons

I learned that the /B option on "start" doesn't exist.  I tried /m but
the program doesn't run after it has been lowered.  So, I had to suffer
with the windows popping up and then having to hand lower them when X
was up.

Lines 27 on were:
start /B rxvt -fn "Lucida Console-12" -e bash
start /B xterm -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red -fg yellow -bg black \
-e /usr/bin/bash
...and so on

Changed to:
start xterm -geometry +100+100 -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red -fg \
yellow -bg black -e /usr/bin/bash --login -i
start xterm -geometry +200+200 -sl 1000 -sb -rightbar -ms red -fg \
yellow -bg black -e /usr/bin/bash --login -i
start twm

@echo on

I hope this helps those that have been having problems.


Srikrishna Bhashyam wrote:

> I installed cygwin and xfree86 on my Windows Me Pc following the
> instructions on the web page. But, I am having problems using the
> xfree
> software.
> 1. If I double click on startxwin.bat, I get several errors.
> Several windows open up and show different errors.
> The XSETROOT window shows a "Syntax error".
> The XWin window shows "/tmp/.... should be set to root" and closes
> automatically.
> There are also Xterm and twm windows show some error message and
> close.
> Finally I see
> "Finished - startxwin"
> /USR/X11R6/BIN/XSETROOT: unable to open display ''
> 2. If I run XWin.exe -screen 0 800x600x16 from a MSDOS prompt, I get
> the
> error message "cygwin1.dll not found.
> If I run the same command from a cygwin window, it opens up Xfree86.
> But I
> cannot do anything with it. The following messages show up on the
> window.
> ddxProcessArgument () - screen - argc: 4 i: 1
> _XSERVTransmkdir: Owner of /tmp/.X11-unix should be set to root
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - Windows 95/98/Me
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - DirectDraw installed
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - DirectDraw4 installed
> winDetectSupportedEngines () - Returning, supported engines 00000017
> winSetEngine () - Using Shadow DirectDraw NonLocking
> winAdjustVideoModeShadowDDNL () - Using Windows display depth of 16
> bits
> per pix
> el
> winCreateBoundingWindowWindowed () - WindowClient width 800 height 600
> winAllocateFBShadowDDNL () - lPitch: 1600
> winInitVisualsShadowDDNL () - Masks 0000f800 000007e0 0000001f BPRGB 6
> d
> 16
> winCreateDefColormap () - Deferring to fbCreateDefColormap ()
> 3. If I run ./ from the cygwin window after I run the XWin
> command, I get the follwoing messages
> Agent pid 699095
> Fatal server error:
> no screens found
> But, it opens up the xterm in the Xfree86 window opened up by the
> XWin.exe
> program and I can use the xwin software after this.
> Please let me know what the problem is and how I can solve this
> problem.
> Thanks,
> Srikrishna

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