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RE: installation problem: could not open default font 'fixed'

Hi, Harold:

It worked by following instruction to change my Cygwin
mount type to binary. I followed the installation
instructions before. Perhaps in new installation
instruction, you could mention binary/text mount type.

Before I sent out Email for help, I searched FAQ page
from Cygwin/XFree86 site, but I clicked the more
obvious link on the left side: Documentation | FAQ
link (, and could
not find the answer there. I guess initially a person
would not know there is another FAQ after finding one.
I gave it up after searching through the 1st FAQ. 

Just FYI, there is a minor problem, which seems not
affecting the operation of the whole system. When I
ran the startxwin.bat, I got the following message:

Cannot find the file 'mxterm' (or one of its
components) Make sure the path and filename are
correct and that all required library  are available.

Perhaps I didn't config it correctly.

I appreciate your help!

Robert Fu

--- Harold Hunt <> wrote:
> Robert,
> Did you follow the installation instructions in the
> User's Guide that tell
> you to use the script?  They are located
> at:
> If so, then you probably need to change your Cygwin
> mount types to binary;
> there are instructions for doing that at:
> If not, then reinstall and follow the instructions
> this time.
> Please report more details about your problem and
> its resolution to the
> list, as I would like to figure out what it is that
> people are doing wrong
> so that I can modify the instructions to prevent
> people from making the same
> mistake in the future.
> Good luck,
> Harold

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