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RE: Cygwin-Xfree-Opendx Question


> On the Xfree86 installation instructions written by Harold Hunt -
> and Harold
> let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for the
> detail - I would
> make one small suggestion.

You are very welcome.

> I know to most "normal" people this
> should seem
> obvious but when your in foreign territory the smallest question can loom
> large.  Anyway - here it is:

Yes, the aim of the documentation is to have even the smallest detail
correct, as small mistakes quickly add up and eventually cause new users to
give up.

> This is on line 293 when I open the instructions in my editor.  I
> would have
> you change the last "n" to a "y".  I know that in step 5 just
> above you say
> to follow the step by step instructions of the install file but ......

A valid suggestion.  I have posted new versions of the User's Guide with the
correction.  Thank you for pointing it out.

The script defaults to 'n' when you run it, and I had originally thought
that I should leave it as 'n', as some people may become confused when they
see that the script output in the manual differs from what they see on the
screen.  However, it seems that more people are getting confused and
entering 'n' as their choice, thus aborting the whole process.


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