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RE: Cygwin-Xfree-Opendx Question

I have done as you said and

cd /usr/bin
ln -s cygpng2.dll libpng.dll

This put a shortcut in /usr/bin.  Still can't find it.  I have put the path
in the cygwin.bat and I have also put it in my windows path to no avail.  I
also tried removing the shortcut and copying cygpng2.dll to /usr/bin and
renaming it.  Still doesn't work.

When I echo $PATH in the bash shell the /usr/bin path is there.  When I get
the error screen in dx that says it can't find libpng.dll in the specified
path, the path it lists has the same path but not /usr/bin.

I just did an experiment.  I noticed that the path list that comes up in the
dx (dxexec.exe - Unable to locate DLL) error screen lists the cygwin.bat
path first and then the Windows path.  I also noticed that the last entry
that I put in the windows path was not listed correctly.  Instead of
c:\cygwin\usr\bin it was c:\cygwin\bin.  I closed dx and Xfree86 and cygwin
and went in to the Windows path and took the bin off of the last entry.  It
then listed it correctly as c:\cygwin\usr in the dx error screen.  I again
closed everything down went back into the Windows path and added back the
bin and the dx error screen again listed it incorrectly as c:\cygwin\bin.
Dx is not getting to this directory!  What is happening here?

I am now using to start the xFree86.


Frankie Stone

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