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Grace on Solaris still causes fatal error on X server


I trie to use Grace 5.1.2 on a Sun Sparc, SunOS 5.8 with

It is a complete net installation for cygwin from the 4. July 2001.
No extra cygwin programms installed/added.
uname -r : 1.3.2(0.39/3/2)

Then I installed XFree86 4.1.0 according to the User's Guide and
changed to XWin-Test39.exe afterwards.

Cygwin/XFree runs on a Windows 2000pro, SP1 Machine and I
really have only ONE cygwin1.dll on the system.

When I start other xprograms (xemacs, xclock, xv) on the Sparc machine
they work with the cygwin XFree86, 

when I start grace and open the file dialog, load a project
then grace crashes the X server. Only the Cygwin XFree86, when I use
XWin32 5.1 instead everything works fine.

On the client console I get:
XIO:  fatal IO error 131 (Connection reset by peer) on X server
      after 4932 requests (4643 known processed) with 21 events remaining.

[1]    Exit 1                        xmgr
On the Cygwin Machine I get a Stackdump:
Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION at eip=004723CE
eax=00000011 ebx=026FF914 ecx=69A69A4C edx=662A052B esi=026FFA4C
ebp=026FF964 esp=026FF87C program=d:\cygwin\usr\X11R6\bin\XWin.exe
cs=001B ds=0023 es=0023 fs=003B gs=0000 ss=0023
Stack trace:
Frame     Function  Args
026FF964  004723CE  (0A75BD78, 0A386AD8, 00FF0000, 00000000)
026FFB74  0047310F  (0A75BD78, 0A386AD8, 00FF0000, 00000000)
026FFCD4  00475164  (0A75BD78, 0A386AD8, 00000000, 00000321)
026FFD14  0044F4AF  (0A75BD78, 0A386AD8, 00000000, 00000324)
026FFD64  00409854  (0A3BDEE8, 0A571DD0, 026FFDA4, 00424DEB)
026FFDA4  00424DFB  (0A3BDEE8, 00000008, 026FFE54, 004071F6)
026FFE54  00407171  (00000004, 610903E8, 00000000, 67FE0000)
026FFE84  004018E5  (00000006, 0A010C50, 0A010008, 00000000)
026FFF10  61003AEA  (00000000, 77E73228, 00000092, 00000001)
026FFF40  61003CBD  (004013E4, 77E73228, 8626C4C0, BC76DC70)
026FFF60  61003CFC  (00000000, 00000000, 8626C650, 00000005)
026FFF90  0069B75F  (004013E4, FFFFFFFF, 80430C77, 00000000)
026FFFC0  0040103D  (77E73228, 00000001, 7FFDF000, 00000000)
026FFFF0  77E892A6  (00401000, 00000000, 000000C8, 00000100)
End of stack trace

Any ideas?

         Volker Quetschke (

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