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RE: Beginner type questions

> Hi All,
> I am trying to do the following....
> I have a host, lets call it <>, it's a solaris box and
> there is an application running on it.
> I have CYGWIN/XFree86 installed, and if I telnet to this box and divert
> the display to my ip address, Bingo, it I can run application
> 'x' without problems....
> What I would like to be able to do is to run this specific application
> from the server...
> In my batch file at the moment the following appears....and I can login
> to the server directly....
> start XWin -screen 0 1024x768x16 -query -from
> What commands would be necessary to enable me to run such an
> application, preferrably in a rootless window...
> Thanks,
> Luke


It probably can be done - here are my ideas (althougth I have never tried it

You have to have SSH daemon running on the server.

you can then do the following to get your desired results:
- start X from the cygwin prompt (you will need the following files
".xinitrc" and ".xserverrc") using the provided script "startx"
- setup "ssh-agent" in ".xinitrc" so that it loads automatically <-- this
will allow to ssh to the server without your passphrase all the time
- also have a ssh command in the ".xinitrc" like "ssh -X -A -l <username>
<servername> <command>" or "ssh -X -A -l <username> -i <identity>
<servername> <command>" if you cannot get your ssh-agent to work smoothly.

remember to read all the man files for ssh. The above should only be used as
as a guideline.

Happy hunting!! :o)


Shamsul Arefin Shaikh, BSc (Hons) in CS, MCSE, MCP, CNA
Graduate Student, Department of Computer Science
Iowa State University

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