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Re: default terminal (was: Re: "can't create master tty" errors)

On 1 June 2010 18:28, Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>>>Any chance to find a copy of the blog via the google memory? Â??What
>>>>was the name of the blog and where was it?
>>>"It's Time for Cygwin to Close Shop", at
>>> ÂStill appears on Google, but the
>>>cached copy there doesn't work. ÂI found it in my browser's cache
>>>though. ÂSays it's under a Creative Commons license, so attaching it
>>>here is fine I hope.
>>I couldn't find it either. ÂI don't think I've often seen a situation
>>where google incorrectly claims there is a cached copy.
>>IIRC, the gist of the argument was that since virtual machines work so
>>well, there is no longer a need for Cygwin. ÂOh, and a lot of Cygwin's
>>packages like ssh and vim are buggier than their Windows alternatives.
>>Were you going to attach it Andy?
> I see it didn't make it through the spam filter. ÂHere it is, extracted
> from Andy's blocked mail.

Cheers, I was just thinking about my next attempt to get it through,
after trying html and zip. So gz is the way to go.


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