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Re: Wish Setup would accept my Perl

Dave Korn wrote:
On 07 November 2007 15:32, Andrew DeFaria wrote:

Brian Mathis wrote:
I must say with respect that if there are problems porting from
Activestate to linux/unix, that's a problem with the programmer who
wrote the code, not Perl.
Not necessarily. If I write code that uses setsid, for example, on Linux
and then move it to Windows, ActiveState returns "Not implemented on
this architecture". That's a problem. If, however I use Cygwin's Perl it
works fine... On the same architecture. Hmmm...

Oh, if only there were some kind of way of making the linux/unix gnu tools available on windows, without needing to port them! Well, maybe just with recompiling.

  <thinks> It would have to emulate posix path handling and posix fork/exec
semantics, and add all those posix libc functions that win32 doesn't support,
but I'm sure we could implement them, and maybe we could put them all in a dll
or something that would act as an emulation layer.  We could set up a website,
and a mailing list, and invite people to contribute packages, and I'm sure
there would be lots of folks who'd like something like that.

Now, all we need is to come up with a name for it ...

No the alternative is Cygwin's Perl on Windows, of course. Oh, and BTW,
how much $$$ does ActiveState Perl cost?
Not sure if this has been mentioned before:

The advantages of using AS Perl, as I see it:

* It's easier to package an app for use by others who may or may not
 be using Cygwin, or even Windows. (In fact, that's the major
 reason that I would do any app in Perl-only, anyways. AS perl
 just makes the app span Windows w/o Cygwin.)

* Better debugger.

In fact, I'm in the process of rewriting an app that I had previously
written (evolved!) in Bash, awk, sed ... with some Perl routines.

I am a GNU/Linux/Cygwin lover and user. But, the rest of the world is
not necessarily so.

Lee (Rothstein)

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