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Re: Fwd: Re: Upset

James R. Phillips schrieb:
--- Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 09:07:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Igor Pechtchanski To: "James R. Phillips" CC:
Subject: Re: Upset (was Re: [ITP] libmad/libmad0/libmad-devel: A high-quality
MPEG audio decoder

On Wed, 7 Sep 2005, James R. Phillips wrote:

--- Charles Wilson wrote:

Side note: I often use an old copy of upset to generate setup.ini's for
my locally built packages which I store in a cygwin/release tree on my
private server, and add that URI to my setup.exe's URI list.  I once
advocated ("RFD: A modest proposal #2: unsupported" having an
'unsupported' tree on the official mirrors similar to the existing
'release' tree but that was shot down for good reason.  IIRC at some
point in the discussion it was pointed out that the existing
functionality in setup was sufficient to solve the problem I described,
and much more flexible, and did not require official sanction from the
cygwin mirror system.
How nice for you, and other long-time cygwin developers/packagers that
have been grandfathered into this arrangement, because you downloaded
upset when it was available, which it is not now, thus reducing the
testability and quality of packages built by those not having this
resource.  It must be wonderful to have powerful tools like this - kind
of like having unix available in windows.
I've asked this before, and didn't quite understand the rationale for
pulling upset from CVS (I *could* understand not accepting patches for it,
and vetoing attempts to add it to the distribution).  Upset is a tool that
lets others generate external mirrors with their own packages; keeping it
on sourceware essentially guarantees that those mirrors will have the
format compatible with setup.exe.  Perhaps we could bring it back as a
tool to aid packagers, with the comment at the top that it's not to be
changed or released by anyone except CGF?

FWIW, googling for "cygwin setup upset" brings up two versions: Yaakov's
(at, and Reini's (at

Both these sites look interesting, and are probably of interest to a wider
audience. I only find a version of upset at

This is not a good version.
I still keep it because I use it to crosscheck, but the official genini is better.
Mine has some mksetup helper.

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