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Re: Slow performance following upgrade [SOLVED]

Zak Johnson wrote:
I've tracked this down to yet another Dodgy Application: "EMBASSY Trust
Suite" by Wave Systems.  This inserts wxvault.dll into every process's
DLL list.  I disabled that DLL using the Sysinternals Autoruns tool,
rebooted, and all works perfectly.

Didn't we know about that one?
Ah... indeed we did; the fingerprint reader. Dave, you missed one. :-)

This bring up an interesting thought. If chgcheck looks for this sort of thing, it would probably be a good idea to get the dll list of a process where that list is known (ok, that's just about any process :-)) and compare the list we get with what is expected.

Or, put another way... we can check what Hippos are in a Watering Hole for which we know what Hippos are supposed to be there. Then, any Hippos that aren't supposed to be there (like, say, the one in the pink tutu :-D) can be flagged as Dodgy-Looking Hippos.

Patches Thoughtfully Considered -- FLOSS mantra

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