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Re: cygwin on Vista

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Dave Korn wrote:
> On 27 March 2007 06:54, Robert Pendell wrote:
>> A co-worker brought in their laptop and their sound wasn't working.  I
>> took a look at it.  The drivers appeared to be loaded properly and it
>> was definately trying (the sound meter in the sound control panel
>> updated) but nothing was coming out of the speakers or headphones.  I
>> honestly didn't know if I should blame the drivers, the sound card, or
>> the speakers.
>   Neither.  Blame Vista.  It's notorious for sound-driver problems.  Still,
> only another six months or so and there'll be a service pack I have no doubt,
> and anyway, you're probably only trying to listen to pirated music anyway, so
> you probably deserve whatever you get, because remember that Microsoft hate
> and despise all their customers and are continually engaged in actions
> deliberately aimed at harming our interests.....

Well a few points here.

1.  This wasn't *my* laptop.  This was a friends laptop.
2.  I found an identical laptop at the store where the sound was working
3.  I run vista on my desktop where the sound works perfectly fine
4.  I listen to all legal music.  I rip and encode my own mp3's from my
own cds.  Last I checked that was perfectly legal.  Otherwise stuff like
iPods wouldn't exist. ;)

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Robert Pendell

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