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RE: The Big List of Dodgy Apps

On 20 March 2007 14:58, Igor Peshansky wrote:

>> Norton/MacAffee/Symantec antivirus or antispyware
> IIRC, only specific versions were buggy...
>> Logitech webcam software with "Logitech process monitor" service
>> Kerio, Agnitum or ZoneAlarm Personal Firewall
> Ditto here.

  Yeh, but there's not really anything we can do about that except hope to
accumulate some information on known-good and known-bad versions along the
way; in the meantime, it's still worth listing them as 'potentially
suspicious'.  Bear in mind that new versions could just as easily re-break
cygwin; it's likely that they're still using the same underlying
implementation techniques in their engines that led to problems in the past.

>> LanDesk
> I may be wrong, but I thought this was really part of some Symantec
> AntiVirus package...

  The only reference I have to it is:

which suggests it's something separate - sounds like some kind of

  Ah, here we go:  Doesn't look like any component of
symantec to me.  It does seem likely that it integrates with the user's
corporate AV-ware.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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