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RE: typical cygwin email #1

I think pymol is looking for a cygwin maintainer, fwiw :)
This does come up on google :)

From: Christopher Faylor <>
Reply-To: The Cygwin-Talk Maiming List <>
Subject: typical cygwin email #1
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2007 12:32:01 -0400

Subject: pforum

I am building pforum on CygWin and when I type "./configure" it
says "file not found".

I googled for this problem but I was unable to find a solution.

Can anyone help???

<ASCII Art deleted>


Subject: pforum

Hi (I hope that if I'm friendly someone will help me),
I (a user with no development experience whatsoever and no understanding
of what is required to build software but who is nevertheless gamely
trying to push on even though your product is so hard to use) am
building pforum (and I'm naturally assuming that since you're all
experienced computer professionals you instinctively know what 'pforum'
is) on CygWin (I'm assuming that you didn't capatalize the 'W' in Cygwin
anywhere on the web site due to some oversight) and when I type (I'm
pretty proud of myself for discovering that I have to click on the
Cygwin icon before doing this) "./configure" (whatever that is) it says
"file not found" (this will not, in any way, invoke the slightest shred
of curiousity in me to actually look to see if there is a file called
"./configure" since I have no development experience or even basic
thinking skills, instead relying on the supernatural telepathic and
clairvoyant abilities of those who are waiting in line to give me help.
And, since I have no development experience, I can't decode these
strange Computer-speak style error messages anyway).

I googled (i.e., I typed "why won't pfroum build on Cygwin for crying
out loud???" into my search bar) for this problem but I was unable to find
a solution (I did get a lot of hits but it was obvious that none of them
pertained to me since they all just mentioned that I was probably in the
wrong directory).

Can anyone help (I'm actually a little miffed that I have to type this
because people should have already telepathically been notified of
my problem and should have sent me the solution already.  I'll try to
keep up a polite face but I'm already a little annoyed that this software
is so hard to use)???

<ASCII Art deleted> (this should impress them with my skills, at least)

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