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Re: Please burn some Hippo droppings for me!

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Chris Sutcliffe wrote:
>> This is despairing my super powerful Vista Dell seems no faster than
>> my 4yr
>> old XP Dell. Havent got to Cygwin yet
> Lets hear it for Vista!  It takes super fast machines and make them crawl.
> Chris

Of course you never did see Beta 1 did you?  While this doesn't speak
for after the install but during install Beta 1 took over 2 hours to
install.  Now it does it in less than 20 minutes.  Beta 1 took up the
whole chunk of 1GB causing my system to really crawl.  Now it is at only
60% consumption and my system works well.

A couple of things I don't do though.  I don't play games on it.  The
graphics drivers for Vista isn't up to par with the ones for XP.  I
don't rely on it as my primary machine although I do check my email on
it all the time.

Now then I realize that some people (like yourself) didn't have much
choice in which OS got pre-loaded on the PC.  Personally I probably
wouldn't have anything to do with Vista until SP1 if it wasn't for the
fact that I never had to actually pay for my copy of Vista Ultimate.

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Robert Pendell

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