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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] copy-paste

On 9-Mar-2007 16:00, Dave Korn wrote:
On 09 March 2007 14:46, Michael Schaap wrote:

Just hippothesizing, but it might be that the adding of '[ANNOUNCEMENT]'
to the subject isn't actually Nabble's fault. After all, there's one
other situation where this happens: cygwin-announce messages get
forwarded to the main cygwin list, with a mangled Subject: header.
Could it be that the script that does the mangling is somehow triggered
for messages coming from Nabble as well?

Well, anything's possible, but I would imagine the script that does the mangling is triggered by the 'To:' line containing 'cygwin-announce'...

Hopefully, the script in question uses something a bit more reliable than the To: header. The Mailing-List: header comes to mind, for instance. And it's entirely possible that Nabble manages to send messages with a wacky Mailing-List: header to the Cygwin list, which makes the script thinks it's a forwarded announcement.

It's just a theory, I mean, hippothesis, but to me in sounds no more unlikely than that Nabble somehow does this when sending out the message, but not in its own archive.

(cgf, any comments?)

- Michael

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