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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] copy-paste

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According to Michael Schaap on 3/9/2007 7:46 AM:
> Still think it's a good idea to ban Nabble, though, 'cause they're
> indeed mostly garbage.

I actually appreciate nabble.  Since I can't post using my work address
(partly because I don't want that stupid legalese trash appended to
archived message, and partly because they block SMTP from non-work
addresses), I end up using web-based fronts that still allow list posts.
Normally, gmane is better, but when gmane is down (and it is amazing to me
how often they are), I have been known to post from nabble when I am at
work and want to post on my break time rather than waiting for a few hours
to when I am back home.  I will not argue with blocking nabble, as I agree
that many clueless users tend to use it, and nabble's handling of posts is
comparatively lousy (they won't even let you reply to all appropriate
lists on a message that was originally cross-posted).  So this opinion is
just food for thought, and you can safely ignore it if you want.

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Eric Blake   
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