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RE: can someone help me?

On 08 March 2007 18:31, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> I think there are people talking outside of my cubicle.  Should I get up
> out of my chair and see if they are talking?  Could this be the cause of
> the sounds I seem to be hearing?

  HUH???  Are you nuts or crazy or something!!?   What is this, psychic guess
the problem week or something?  How are any of us meant to be able to answer
that without full details of your chair and a simple test-cushion?

> I'm running real life VERSION 1, if that matters.

  Ah, that's well know to be buggy, but most people report the voices as being
inside their heads rather than outside their cubicle.  Maybe it's still the
same bug though!
> No, wait.  The sounds are gone now.  I only hear coughs and sniffles.
> Am I going deaf?

  Are the coughs and sniffles telling you to kill?

> Thanks in advance.

  What!!!??  "Thanks"?!?!  How dare you!  I've never been so offended in all
my life.  I am immediately going to killfile you, then post again and again to
the list saying that I've killfiled you.  Then I'm going to read and reply to
all your killfiled posts.  That will teach you never to be so


Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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