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Re: Is Vista stable yet?

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Brian Dessent wrote:
> zzapper wrote:
>> My new Dell Vista PC will be arriving in about a week, but somebody has just
>> FUDed me on Vista not being compatible with lots of the legacy Windows apps.
>> What is the view of the CYGWin maintainers? ISFAIC Cygwin and non-Cygwin
>> Apps, is Vista still wobbly.
> Brian

This is an over-dramatized version of what is going on with Vista.  I've
said it before and I'll say it again.  Vista is in the same exact boat
that XP was in when it first came out.  Some stability issues at the
application level and plenty of compatibility problems.  When XP came
out it was the move from the 9x/ME driver model to the NT/XP driver
model.  Even then only some Windows 2000 drivers worked.  Same situation
here except some XP drivers do still work here.  Just not all of them.

Companies that are known to be dragging their ass....


Companies known to be on top of things...

Realtek (yes, they have stable working drivers for my on-board AC'97....
they've had them since mid-beta)
Canon (just about all of their models)
Lexmark (some really old models don't have a driver yet but they are
Athena Smartcard Solutions

I know there are more to each category.

As for the applications.... Well that is due to the new application
security model.  Previously applications had a habit of assuming
administrative rights were going to be available to them.  It has to
stop so MS implemented this setup.  All applications start with user
level rights only unless you specify otherwise even if you are logged in
with an administrator account.  So, yea, some applications may not work
as expected.  If an application doesn't want to work initially then the
first thing you can try is to right-click on the executable (or
shortcut) and to select "Run as Administrator".  Failing that you can
use XP SP2 compatibility mode and that usually gets it going.  I havn't
had to do that much though.  I think only once.

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Robert Pendell

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