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Re: CPAN works fine w/http proxy on Cygwin

Linda Walsh made me read TOFU:
** -- note, the important part of the message, the "response" or
"answer" comes first.  The most current and relevant information
comes first.  The more distant the history of a discussion,
the less important it usually becomes to the current participants.

The most relevant information is the context which is required for the response to have any relevance or make any sense. You have made it more difficult to find that information, thereby wasting my time.

Bottomposting wastes peoples' time as they are forced to scroll
down to find the beginning of the actual reply.

Did you have to scroll to read this? If so, your screen has less than 14 lines of text, which is pretty sad. On my screen, this /entire e-mail/ fits on screen. Twice. With space left over.

*Excessive quoting* wastes people time as it forces scrolling. With a non-tiny screen and fast scrolling (like mouse wheels, or keyboards where the arrows already Do The Right Thing) takes a fraction of a second, *if* it is necessary. Oh, and making me hunt for what you were replying to also wasted my time. So did writing this. So if you don't believe me, GIYF (Google Is Your Friend). And since the policy of this list is PQORU (partial-quote over, reply under) and not TOFU, please respect it.

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