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FW: upgrade advice for end users

On 05 January 2007 23:49, fschmidt wrote:

> Having just suffered through a cygwin upgrade, I would like to let other end
> users know what they need to do to get cygwin to work.

  Note how he implicitly believes that the only possible way for something to
work is however he imagines it should work, and that everything that isn't
done exactly how he says it should be done is therefore broken.  Ego, much?
> 1.  Create a new Windows System Environment variable called "SHELLOPTS" and
> set it to "igncr".  This makes bash handle CR/LF correctly.
> 2.  Replace /bin/make.exe with .
> The new version of make can't handle colons, so replace the new version with
> an old make that can handle colons.

  He left out:

3.  Don't read any documentation

4.  Don't learn anything

5.  Don't know anything about what you're doing, what you're trying to do it
with, or why.

6.  Run around hysterically clucking like a headless chicken[*] until someone
tries to explain it to you.

7.  Go back to step 3.

> I sincerely hope that either cygwin changes direction to be more Windows
> friendly, or that a cygwin fork is started in this direction.

  Yes!  Goddammit, why can't Cygwin be more like Windows?  In fact why can't
it be exactly like Windows?  Then we wouldn't need Windows?  Or Cygwin?  Or

  Of course he doesn't know how to use Windows either so I'm not sure how much
this would /really/ help....

> View this message in context:
> Sent from the Cygwin Users mailing list archive at 

  Ah.  Finding out that he's from Nabble certainly does place it all in


[*] - I am aware that this similie is biologically improbable, but never
forget the case of Mike...
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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