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FW: Win Prizes From Microsoft (R)

On 04 January 2007 21:05, Microsoft Inc. wrote:

  Microsoft?  Sending spam?  Through someone's unconfigured webserver hosted
at  I don't think so.

> ReferralCode=IC07IN91Nirzar

  Boy, are you soooooo out of the game, Mr. Nirzar.

> Contest Rules
> 1.
> Contest begins: 27th December 2006, Contests ends: 15th February 2007.
> 2.
> Microsoft employees, their relatives, and anyone living in their respective
> households are not eligible to win prizes.
> 3.
> Winners will be intimated by e-mail.

  Should be 'intimidated', shurely?

> Once intimated, winners will get 20 days to respond and to collect their
> prizes from a designated location or from a Microsoft Student. 

  That's just bizarre.  Not to mention kinky.

> Microsoft Inc.

  Heh, microsoft have been quite keen to sue spammers lately.  I don't think
forging their domain was necessarily a smart move[*].


[*]  - Rule #1 in full effect, of course[**].
[**] - Or should that be "in fool effect"?
Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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