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Re: Maybe this is old news but...

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
Danilo Turina wrote:
Igor Peshansky wrote:
On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Danilo Turina wrote:
When you read a post that is around level 5/6 you must skip a lot of
text that you have already read in the previous posts and, of course,
the text you are interested in (i.e. the reply of the sender of the
post) is not immediately visibile when you open the post (you must
scroll down and skip the above text before reaching it).

That's what the "End" key was invented for... ;-)

Probably I'm using Thunderbird in a wrong way or, worst, I'm using the wrong tool, anyway when I use the "End" key, I'm immediately been taken to the last mail of my inbox/last post of the group.

Probably you are forgetting that you must click on the message pane first. :-)

I didn't think about that!

No, really. I usually press "n" (on the list of messages) to go to the next unread message, I read the message, then I press "n" again, and so on.

Clicking on the message pane and pressing End is slower than directly using the scroll bars of the message pane.

This is giving to me an idea, I could write a Thunderbird add-on capable of automatically scrolling the message to the first non quoted line.

Better, I'll Google a bit to see if that add-on already exist (very probable).

Thank you,


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