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Re: Maybe this is old news but...

Dave Korn wrote:
On 13 December 2006 14:12, Igor Peshansky wrote:

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006, Danilo Turina wrote:

Christopher Faylor wrote:
...I just saw this:

[ ... snip! ... ]

When you read a post that is around level 5/6 you must skip a lot of
text that you have already read in the previous posts and, of course,
the text you are interested in (i.e. the reply of the sender of the
post) is not immediately visibile when you open the post (you must
scroll down and skip the above text before reaching it).
That's what the "End" key was invented for... ;-)

That's also what was invented for. Section 2 explains how to trim your quotes. See above for an example!

You are right, consider, anyway, that it's not always possible tu crop quoting so that it's short enough (like in your example) because, for example, in that way it impacts the comprehension of the topic.

Just to make more clear my point of view, I understand that rules are necessary, either because they are right or because, even if they are not completely right or are not the best rules ever, they are needed to achieve homogeneity and give a common "framework" for those that operates in the fields that those rules are for.

Anyway I also think that there are no rules that are true in 100% of cases and for 100% of people.

I just was pointing out that, IMHO, there are some cases for which that rule ("top posting disallowed") is not the best one for all the people. Just that.

I (truly) appreciate you kind reply. Thank you,


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