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Re: igncr vs text mode mounts, performance vs compatibility

On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 09:09:42AM -0400, Jonathan Arnold wrote:
>>Repetitive Observation                                    Count*
>>Someone suggests that the best way to handle the CRLF       3
>>problem is to read the first line but doesn't offer
>>a patch.
>>Someone expresses confusion about the reasons for the       3
>>changes to bash.
>>Someone expresses philosophical points of view about        3
>>Cygwin's goals based on their discoveries about bash.
>>Someone generalizes that bash and make decisions were       3
>>somehow intertwined.
>>Someone notices problems with bash after an upgrade         5
>>but ignores any bash announcements.
>What's the count up to so far?  All of the numbers have advance
>I think:-) Or is that :-(

I think only the last one needs to be bumped since the confusion
expressed here about the reasons for the change was a continuation
of the mail which prompted my message.

I think we've had at least one notice of bash problems after an
upgrade, however.

OTOH, we have just had a clueless "If Cygwin is going to be successful"
message which harkens to the spirit of much of the above.


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