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Re: cygwn uses for public document retrieval

Carlo Florendo wrote:
Mike Marchywka wrote:
( this was originally rejected from main list, thought to be marginally relevant here)
( I searched the archives, this hasn't come up before and the question is
at the bottom- sorry for the long intro. I posted this on cygwin because
I run my scripts on cygwin and cygwin illustrates the relationship between
graphiically oriented things like windoze and information oriented systems
like linux. )


I don't know what got you here, but don't be surprised if you get tons of hippos responding to your mail. This list is not for technical questions. But if you want to have fun, you may want to lurk.

See threads and if you're still curious about that "what".

Mike, FWIW I thought about answering this and decided I didn't have enough to offer, but Carlo's observations essentially match my own; this sort of thing can sometimes be done on a site-by-site basis, but that's usually the best you get. I have not, however, talked to anyone about more automation-friendly access. (Honestly, I have not dealt with government sites and some of the ones I have played with probably wouldn't be very happy about auto-grabbing :-) ...especially the ones that run ads; not that WebWasher doesn't kill those anyway.)

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