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Re: make 3.81-1 problems with DOS-paths

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Eric Blake just had to cough out the following stream of bytes from
the specified email client, on 9/27/2006 9:29 PM:
> According to Knut Schwichtenberg on 9/27/2006 11:31 AM:
>> How is it possible that ./configure does not recognize the Cygwin
>> environment properly for a Windows-PC? Is the missing define only a
>> derived problem that is based on an error in the toolchain before?
> All right!  I was totally expecting this week's holy war to be on my
> decision to make bash run faster on binary mounts at the expense of those
> poor \r\n script users, but this guy set out to prove me wrong.  Perhaps
> he didn't get the memo that make is last week's gripe?

Heh, heh, maybe the patch proposed *should* be considered official.

> [Goes on reading \my inbox]
> Oh, well, maybe I did spark a holy war after all.  The hippo should be so
> proud.
> Next week: how about vi and/or emacs vs. notepad?

Throw xemacs and Notepad++ in there, would you?  And yes, the hippo
should be proud of this *possibly upcoming* debate of text editors!?

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