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Re: Bash 3.1.17(8) CR/LF problem

On Wed, 27 Sep 2006, mwoehlke wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
> > On 27 September 2006 20:42, Malcolm Nixon wrote:
> > >     * Some detect the change to <LF> as changes require manual merging.
> >
> >   What, on lines that you /haven't/ edited locally?  That's just a bug.
> I assume he meant 'if you d2u them'.
> > >     * Some translate files to a "Local" format (CR/LF on Windows).
> >
> >   FCOL, what on earth does an rcs think it's playing at, tampering
> > with your data?  Any rcs that doesn't give you back exactly what you
> > put into it is just plain buggy.  Nobody asked for a "automatically
> > mangle my data whether I want you to or not" feature.
> Anyone that has ever had both UNIX and Windows developers working on a
> source tree has had a use for such a feature. Some Windows editors
> (notepad) don't play nice with UNIX line endings, and some UNIX editors
> don't play nice with Windows line endings (more often, mixed endings
> cause problems). Oh, and then there are Mac line endings, too.
> It's useful to have the rcs give you text files with native line
> endings. The rcm might then expects the file to stay this way (see
> previous bullet), and will translate it back for storage in the repo.
> Although you're right that this should never be behavior you can't turn
> off.
> OTOH, we all know what the problem is; Microsoft's idiotic decisions to
> Be Different. Thanks to that we have abominations like "ftp 'text'
> mode". :-)
> > > I think the bigger issue here is that this arbitrary change will break
> > > a "significant" number of existing scripts.
> >
> >   YM a "significant" number of /broken/ scripts.  Try running any of
> > them on a linux box and see what you get.
> Or perfectly valid scripts managed by an unfortunate rcs that insists on
> u2d'ing them on the way down.

This is all academic, as hosting the repository on a textmode mount will
solve his problem...
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