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On 26 September 2006 16:36, Christopher Faylor wrote:

> For those people who are keeping track of these things: I am now working
> at Network Appliance.

   Hey, we've got one of those!

> So, when someone claims that all of the main
> Cygwin developers work at Red Hat, the response should be that one of
> them works for Netapp.

  Hey, I noticed you last using the timesys signature sometime back in August,
but that was when the make-vs-dos-paths thread was going on, so I thought you
were just trying to go incognito so people would stop hassling you!
> Now that I've got a new job, I'm hoping that I will be energized to work
> on Cygwin a little more than I have been in the last several months.

  Best of luck.

  Actually, you should feel right at home with the job; NetApp filers and
Cygwin have one thing in common: a brain-mangling mixture of NT ACLs and unix
uid/gid-based perms!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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