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RE: need for help how can make the server in window linux

On 14 September 2006 13:47, Eric Blake wrote:

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> According to Shoaib ali Arain on 9/14/2006 6:37 AM:
>> Assalam O Alaikum And Hi
>>                  Sir i have to make the server in window linux for
>> the security purpose is to had in window linux in my state i think is
>> not use the window linux server because is a too difficult window so
>> sir i am request to you how can make the server in window linux thats
>> a excellence window its graphics is too cool for eyes and many things
>> in window plz send me repply how can i make the server in window linux .
>>                         Sir my future program is i am start in future
>> wireless internet cable network start in main interior city ( sanghar ) .
>>                          I am waiting for your repply thanks
> What's up with the right justification for paragraph starts?  

  Arabic is written right-to-left.

> And the crosspost to postmaster?

  A tradition of respect for authority?
> *sip*


Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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