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My mirror got throttled effective yesterday

I run the mirror  As of yesterday the system
automatically throttled the site and all requests got redirected to a
page notifying users of this.  However this might cause issues.  I will
be increasing this however from 350 GB/mo to 650 GB/mo.  Before it was
sufficient for approximately 11GB/day but now it should be able to
sustain 20GB/day without too much trouble.  I have also lifted the
throttle that the system put on that site.

Here is the bandwidth usage starting on the first day of the billing
cycle.  The last entry has no usage because that was the day it was

August 2006
Cygwin mirror bandwidth usage

 Day  		 Total MB
2006-08-08 	18957.50 MB
2006-08-09 	19307.17 MB
2006-08-10 	12963.22 MB
2006-08-11 	14197.59 MB
2006-08-12 	 7293.63 MB
2006-08-13 	10389.74 MB
2006-08-14 	11039.52 MB
2006-08-15 	14730.87 MB
2006-08-16 	17597.43 MB
2006-08-17 	13363.43 MB
2006-08-18 	14483.32 MB
2006-08-19 	11628.37 MB
2006-08-20 	13172.08 MB
2006-08-21 	13302.53 MB
2006-08-22 	17698.66 MB
2006-08-23 	19240.15 MB
2006-08-24 	13645.53 MB
2006-08-25 	23495.48 MB <-- Wow! 23 GB in one day
2006-08-26 	12579.62 MB
2006-08-27 	11629.67 MB
2006-08-28 	18559.08 MB
2006-08-29 	18373.20 MB
2006-08-30 	20742.91 MB
2006-08-31 	    0.00 MB <-- Throttled here
Total: 		348390.7 MB <-- yep.  It was ready to go over O_o

Wow.  That is alot of usage.

Now then.  In the spirit of I will say that a hippo sat on
my mirror. ^_^
Robert Pendell

Thawte Web of Trust Notary
CAcert Assurer

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