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Re: FW: Re: Problem when using variable assignment, backticks in shell script

Charli Li wrote:
cgf wrote:
On Thu, Aug 31, 2006 at 05:04:08PM +0200, CARTER Alan wrote:
Hmm...  9 lines of content, 10 of disclaimer...  *sip!* Eew, and the
disclaimer isn't even line-wrapped...
(How come PCYMTNILOAUD is not on the OLOCA yet?  ;-))
Ah.  You think I typed that, myself?  I didn't.  It was automatically
appended by the local email system.  Many corporate email systems do
this kind of thing, because (IMHO) the people that run them are more
concerned with posturing within their own value system (which does not
map to reality) than they are with doing anything useful.
Whether you typed it yourself or not, those type of disclaimers are
actually not allowed in mail to mailing lists at this site:

The same thing holds true for == ==

Please find some other way of sending email which does not try to
enforce some kind of faux-legal obligations on the reader.

Thread TITTTL'd!

a: I already tried to do that*. b: You just CC'd the main list. :-) c: You almost made me do (b) as well!

Next time, you might want to reply with 'please TITTTL' and 'reply-to:' set appropriately, to avoid (b) and (c). :-)

(* Actually, I had /also/ sent another reply with reply-to: cygwin-talk that seems to have gone to /dev/null... but oh well; after CGF's post it wasn't really adding anything anyway.)

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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