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Re: Console on Sourceforge with Cygwin

Dave Korn wrote:
On 30 August 2006 16:19, mwoehlke wrote:
One Angry User wrote:
On a drizzly Tuesday, the 29th day of August, 2006, Keith Christian's
computer deigned to emit the following stream of bytes:

Could you provide one example for a user that would start with "Click
Start/Run and type the following command"
Oh, no, it doesn't work like that.  Command-line options are for wimps who
read manpages!  Console uses menus!  MENUS, man!  Now, there's real

Command line options are wonderful... for console programs. GUI's are
for writing apps such that settings can be discovered /without/ having
to resort to the doc. I suppose you think Firefox, Thunderbird, IE, etc.
need manpages, and should only be configurable via command-line

It's not as orthogonal as all that. Sometimes a GUI program isn't just a GUI program. Sometimes, even though it has a GUI, all you want to do is script it - at which point, you *have* to have command-line options. [snip]

No argument :-). I was taking issue with the apparent (and sarcastic) disrespect of non-command-line configuration.

Maybe I should have just said: ;-)

Now where did I put my hippo?

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