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RE: html email

mwoehlke attempts to fry all this in a puny frying pan:
>Charli Li wrote:
>> mwoehlke said:
>>> Charli Li wrote:
>>>> mwoehlke wrote:
>>>>> Ethan Tira-Thompson wrote:
>>>>>>>> For instance, take a look at what happened here:
>>>>>>> It also doesn't happen with non-broken mailers (in that case, I was
>>>>>>> attempting to line wrap manually, which almost certainly
>has something
>>>>>>> to do with it).
>>>>>> There must be a lot of broken mailers out there, because I see
>>>>>> it happen a *lot*.
>>>>> Oh, probably. I think one of them is named "Outlook". :-)
>>>>> At any rate, I haven't noticed Thunderbird doing it.
>>>> Microsoft Outlook wraps long lines by default (depends on the
>>>> size of your window) WADR.
>>> Yes, the *GUI* wraps long lines. We're talking a: about wrapping in the
>>> actual mail, and b: doing it /wrong/ for quotes. I believe Outlook is
>>> one of the mailers responsible for the mess Ethan pointed out a few
>>> lines up.
>> WADR, Outlook doesn't wrap, but when viewed (not gone through
>sourceware) it
>> is wrapped.
>Is that not what I said? The /source/ lines are not wrapped, but the GUI
>/visually/ wraps them (as opposed to adding a horizontal scroll bar).
>Oh, and what mailer are you using? It appears to be one of the broken
>ones, having butchered the quoting in your last message.
>> Also, lots of email programs quote raw email addresses by default in
>> replies.  The PCYMTNQREAIYR rule has been here (I'm guessing) a long time
>> now, and people (was including me) are still PCYMTNQREAIYRing.  It is
>> probably advisable to modify Thunderbird and SeaMonkey's code a
>little bit
>> so that there is no more PCYMTNQREAIYRing.
>Eh? AFAIK, I haven't changed Thunderbird's settings here, and if you
>look up, you'll see that the bird inserted "Charli Li wrote:". No raw
>e-mail addresses there :-). In fact, I don't even see my Outlook doing it.

OK, well maybe some other mailers (besides Outlook) violate PCYMTNQREAIYR as
well as insert blahblah wrote.  So it actually looks like this:

blahblah <raw email address> wrote:


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