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Re: html email

Charli Li wrote:
mwoehlke said:
Charli Li wrote:
mwoehlke wrote:
Ethan Tira-Thompson wrote:
For instance, take a look at what happened here:
It also doesn't happen with non-broken mailers (in that case, I was
attempting to line wrap manually, which almost certainly has something
to do with it).
There must be a lot of broken mailers out there, because I see
it happen a *lot*.
Oh, probably. I think one of them is named "Outlook". :-)
At any rate, I haven't noticed Thunderbird doing it.
Microsoft Outlook wraps long lines by default (depends on the
size of your window) WADR.
Yes, the *GUI* wraps long lines. We're talking a: about wrapping in the
actual mail, and b: doing it /wrong/ for quotes. I believe Outlook is
one of the mailers responsible for the mess Ethan pointed out a few
lines up.

WADR, Outlook doesn't wrap, but when viewed (not gone through sourceware) it is wrapped.

Is that not what I said? The /source/ lines are not wrapped, but the GUI /visually/ wraps them (as opposed to adding a horizontal scroll bar).

Oh, and what mailer are you using? It appears to be one of the broken ones, having butchered the quoting in your last message.

Also, lots of email programs quote raw email addresses by default in
replies.  The PCYMTNQREAIYR rule has been here (I'm guessing) a long time
now, and people (was including me) are still PCYMTNQREAIYRing.  It is
probably advisable to modify Thunderbird and SeaMonkey's code a little bit
so that there is no more PCYMTNQREAIYRing.

Eh? AFAIK, I haven't changed Thunderbird's settings here, and if you look up, you'll see that the bird inserted "Charli Li wrote:". No raw e-mail addresses there :-). In fact, I don't even see my Outlook doing it.

Ncurses. Blessing console programs since 1993.

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