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Re: html email

For instance, take a look at what happened here:
It also doesn't happen with non-broken mailers (in that case, I was attempting to line wrap manually, which almost certainly has something to do with it).
There must be a lot of broken mailers out there, because I see it happen a *lot*. Very annoying when I search for some error message, find a discussion on an archive, and can't read the quotes to follow the discussion because everything is crazy-indented due to the word wrapping at some arbitrary width while people are replying. It's especially bad when code is involved, with literal '>'s in the mix.

...which, if several people are using it, on several lists, adds up. Now add, say, 100 people per day downloading it, and now it's several mb a day, about 100 mb a month, and now you're talking some more significant numbers.
100mb a month still isn't significant. That's a *trickle*. But fine, if everyone was doing it, it would double the mailing list bandwidth usage. Maybe there are mailing lists that exceed my imagination where that would be a problem.

And if it is a problem, and here's my original argument, *just strip the html version*. The two alternative versions are explicitly intended to be alternative versions, and only one is expected to be displayed. So I claim it's unexpected to bounce the message. It *is* expected to have one or the other shown. Dropping the message altogether is at best unexpected, at worst rude and counter productive, and in general, annoying.


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