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Re: copying and pasting in the terminal window?

Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:
From: mwoehlke
[rxvt] is a PITA to configure,
Mm, no, in the Unixoid scheme of things it's probably one of the easier programs to configure. The main trick is (or at
least used to
be) getting your delete, home, end, etc keys working right,
and I can
send you my magical .initrc to take care of that post-haste.
What can I say, I like menus.

Well, sure, who *doesn't* like menus?

'Settings->Configure Konsole'. See how easy that was?

Since I'm still waiting for the native Windows version, I'm afraid I must report that no, I didn't see it.

Console is just as easy.

I'm starting to get confused now: by "Console" you mean the regular cmd.exe window, right? Not the other, non-MS "Console" that Marko Bozikovic is talking about on the cygwin@ list? I'll assume the former for the remainder of this post.

Oh, now I understand. Of course the CUI as-is is cruddy. I'm talking about Marko's 'console.exe'. No wonder you are unenlightened. :-)

So ok, let's take a commonly used setting like, oh, window width:

Rxvt:  'Drag side or corner to the right, window gets bigger.'
Cmd.exe: 'Drag side or corner to the right... well, you can't, so nothing

Console.exe: drag side or corner to the right... Windows gets bigger, *AND* when you let go, you can see *HOW* big it is. Rxvt is missing this. (Konsole shows you in a pop-up /while/ dragging, which is better, but only for a second after, which is slightly worse.)

Rxvt: Hope 'echo $COLUMNS', etc works
CUI: Find out in properties
Konsole: resize the window, look at the pop-up
Console: Hmm, is that a status bar with the information?

rxvt needs command line switches, or something. I shouldn't have to read a manpage for this stuff, as a *good* terminal emulator (like {C|K}onsole) will demonstrate.


Settings->Configure Konsole. A full GUI for changing everything. Similarly, Edit->Settings (in Console).

1.  You don't need to read a man page, I did all the work for you already in
the last post.

No you didn't. I had to read the manpage to change the colors. At any rate, it is still less discoverable than a proper configuration interface; I had to read the manpage *or* someone had to tell me how to do it. With Console, I easily found Edit->Settings, from where it was obvious how to make the changes I wanted.

B.  If you have an aversion to command line options, may I humbly suggest
that you stay as far away from anything even remotely Unix as possible? ;-)

Of course you may! ;-)

With Console, it took me all of ten seconds to figure out how to change the font, and I didn't have to read anything but menus.

And you do this font-changing often do you?

No, but it still took me a fraction of the time to make Console look like I wanted it to, than to get rxvt halfway there.

And no tabs, and no menu, and no status bar,

No need!

I like tabs. I like tabs a LOT better than ten icons on my task bar. I suppose you don't use them in Firefox either? (If you even use Firefox...)


...ahhh, me thinks the mwoehlke doth protest too much! Come over to the side of awesomeness, my young apprentice!

Nope. Just like Console better.

We are Microsoft. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. --Badtech

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