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FW: Usage Of Cron and AT commands

On 23 August 2006 07:15, sujit.menon@tcs wrote:

> Hi Mr. mwoehlke,
> I have read the replies to my previous post and that is the very reason I
> am rewriting this mail,
> the previous mailer by Mr. chuck 

  "Mr. chuck"!?!  I think I'm going to have to take offence!

> had just mentioned using "man crontab",
> which is not what I want.
> I am not using crontab and am using cron 

  That's going to be fun to watch.  It's a neat trick if you can manage it....

> Warm Regards,
> Sujit Chandran Menon
> Tata Consultancy Services Limited

  Sigh.  He snipped his sig....

>              mwoehlke
>              <mwoehlke@tibco.c
>              om>                                                        To
>              08/22/2006 09:31                                           cc
>              PM              
>                                                                    Subject
>                                        Re: Usage Of Cron and AT commands
                          [ ... snip ... ]
> ForwardSourceID:NT0000304E
> =====-----=====-----=====
> Notice: The information contained in this e-mail
> message and/or attachments to it may contain

  but he quoted his entire earlier post.  *sip*.  Including the disclaimer.

  However, at least he got his ratio of body-text lines to trailer lines down
below the threshold with that long rant!

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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