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Re: group"S-1-2-0"(users who login locally)in ssh;windows 2003

Dave Korn wrote:
On 18 August 2006 15:37, mwoehlke wrote:
[  Thread properly TITTTL'd  ]
shares? (And is it a 2k3 thing?) I have MAJOR problems with my network
shares; even though they do not need un/pw to access, I always have to
unmount and remount them to be able to write (even on Remote Desktop and
'on the glass' logins, so it isn't (just) a Cygwin thing). Since we got
on the subject, anyone know why that is?

Nope. We don't even know what kind of network shares you're using or what
server device they're on or what protocols are involved or what OS versions
you are using or .......

  Well, we can guess it's some kind of CIFS/SMB, but it makes a lot of
difference  if it's a PC running a server edition of windows vs. a linux box
running samba vs. a NetApp running GOK what.

Um... that was cryptic. I was asking because someone had made a blanket statement about 'not having network write access' that sounded like it was 'regardless of the protocol, etc'.

And they are actually NFS shares from FreeBSD. The issue, as mentioned, is that when they are first connected, I can't write to them; I have to disconnect the shares and reconnect them, and then everything works just fine.

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