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Re: Rsync over ssh (pulling from Cygwin to Linux) stalls..

Dave Korn wrote:
On 18 August 2006 15:26, mwoehlke wrote:
Dave Korn wrote:
On 18 August 2006 14:31, Williams, Gerald S (Jerry) wrote:
Can anyone from RedHat acknowledge that this arrangement
would be acceptable to them? If so, that would potentially
open the door to any public domain code.
I don't suppose for one second that the RedHat legal team are actually
reading this newgroup.


Yeeeeeaah, that was my thought :-)

To answer the question, though, that's the whole point of making a
trivial change. My understanding


Was that because I answered the question, or because of the implied "IANAL, but..."? ;-)

is you can copyright that trivial
change, which then covers the entire work, with the exception that the
original PD version is still PD.

Why wouldn't it just cover the trivial change then?

It does, and it doesn't, or so I understand. Copyright law is funny that way. :-) Do you *really* want me to attempt an explanation, or have you had enough to drink already?

Hmm, is there a list legal<AT>redhat<DOT>com? ;-)

Dunno. You could always give it a try. If what you get back has a disclaimer more than thirty times as big as the message body, you'll know you've reached a lawyer.

...and I'll be drunk, according to the latest rule. ;-)

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