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RE: FW: Usage Of Cron and AT commands

On 18 August 2006 15:28, mwoehlke wrote:

> Dave Korn wrote:
>> On 18 August 2006 12:01, sujit.menon@tcs wrote:
>>>   Warm Regards,

>>> and any attachments. Thank you
>>   Hey, we left one out!
>> *  Any time someone posts one of those disclaimers, take a sip.  If it's
>> part of a huge sig and trailer that's longer than the entire body of their
>> post, take a glug.  If it's more than twice as many lines, take a double
>> glug.  If it's more than five times as many lines, finish your drink and
>> get another. 
>>   *glug* *glug*
> Oh, my, yes, a glaring omission :-)


  Well, you /did/ just post one of those disclaimers.

  And at twenty-two lines long, it /was/ more than five times the size of your
one-line body content!

  Hmm, I guess I'd better go back and snip it out before I end up doing the
same thing.  But at least I've provided enough lines of text to keep the ratio
down, even if I were to quote it YA time....

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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